Racing Atelier Logo

Racing Atelier is a creative practice working in and around product/industrial design. In hands on time in the workshop or out in the field we want to share our experience and expertise for the best possible result – be it research, a product, a concept or strategy or any other.

Leonhard professionally works as an industrial designer developing medical products from first sketch to final product. Besides this his creative life happens in the workshop where he seeks to combine highly technical & aesthetic solutions for whatever project is he interested at this time – be it bikes, motorbikes, furniture or anything else.

Leander works as a freelance designer sharing his experience in research, concepting and field work. But also hands on product design from sports goods to furniture or shop-fits.

With the backpack Mark#1 as Racing Atelier we want to share our understanding of design and everything that is part of it in a solid product. Mark#1 and other products that will follow, therefore can also be seen as a reference/an example of how the Racing Atelier approaches design.