With Rucksack#1 we provide a product that exemplifies our take on development, design and manufacturing. It started as a very personal project for family and friends over various hours in the outdoors and in our workshops: Rucksack#1 is an earnest companion.

RACING ATELIER is a design studio, not a bag manufacturing company. That heavily influences the way we develop and distribute our product:

The materials we use are chosen for their functional but also aesthetic qualities: one key element of our Rucksack#1 is the leather – a ‘forgotten high-tech‘ material with outstanding properties. It makes for good fit and comfortable feeling on the body. Being the strongest & lightest fabric available, Dyneema® Composite Fabric is the perfect partner for leather.

Together with our custom-made metal hardware such as tensionlocks, cord stoppers and cord locks, we consider Rucksack#1 an honest product and reliable partner to take out there with you.

Rucksack#1 can now be ordered at a cost of 2.300,- € (exclusive of VAT)

-> please get in touch to order or for any questions at

-> expect a production time of about 4 weeks (your backpack is not sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped, it will have to be made first) with regular updates from the workshop.


• size: 27 litres
• handmade by RACING ATELIER in the Bavarian Alps
• cow leather: vegetable tanned
• Dyneema® Composite Fabric 102g/m2
• custom aluminium hardware: designed by Racing Atelier; made in Germany
• stuffer closure: laser-cut + hand finished in-house
• cord lid + stuffer: Edelrid Gemini PA 6; waxed
• cord functional highlights: Edelrid b-ware repurpose
• shoulder straps: thin 19mm webbing
• zipper: Riri AquaZip 6
• lid foldable inside main compartment to reduce size & volume
• key storage inside lid compartment
• adjustable chest-strap


Ready for the mountains: sporty and functional. Designed from what we have learned in several years of making backpacks.

For the most comfortable fit and distribution of weight, the shoulder straps are wider at some parts or slender others. Attached at the user’s individual length, they intend to keep the backpack in position – even to lessen the need of a chest strap.

Please note: the back and shoulder straps of Rucksack#1 are made 5.5mm from thick, rigid cow hide and will therefore take their time, your sweat and patience to soften up and adapt to your body for a perfect fit – your individual fit.


RACING ATELIER backpacks are handmade and use natural materials in their construction. This means that scratches, a stitch that is not 100% in line or other small imperfections are part of the product.

Leather is a natural material and can therefore show the life of the animal (scars from barbed wire fence, mosquito bites…) and will be part of your backpack.

terms & conditions

• Shipping is at buyer’s cost and buyer takes responsibility for import duty and tax
• we ask for a deposit of 450€ to be able to start your backpack
• as the product is made to order, we cannot accept returns – if any issues occur please get in touch
• payment: bank transfer (exchange fees for international transactions at buyer’s cost)

wear & tear

The leather we use is untreated and will quickly show it’s exposure to UV-light, rain or other marks of use. The Dyneema® Composite Fabric crinkles and softens over time. This is normal and has no effect on the performance of the materials. These are the effects of wear & tear that make it your backpack – your fit, your stains, your journey. FYI see image of a newborn Rucksack#1 and one of its ancestors.


things happen!

It is never our intention to cause issue and upset. As designers we are aware that things  can go wrong. We trust our product and will do the best to rectify the problem in your interest. Be truthful, get in touch and we will find the best possible solution


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