living the lightness of not having a lot – ‘Hama ned z’vui – Drong ma ned z’schwaar’ or the notion of ‘living the lightness of not having a lot’ is the perspective of two distant worlds boiled down in a set of tools to venture into the pathless. Familiar settings, but estranged by denormalized objects – the ‘space-tools’ intend to offer the participant of the urban reality experiences that at least foster thought and at most create self-awareness, consciousness and have an impact on human behaviour. As ‘thinking-spaces’ they aspire to introduce different values and meaning to life in the urban society. In regards to the Bavarian idiom for ’living the lightness of not having a lot’, ‘Hama ned z’vui – drong ma ned z’schwaar’ can be seen as a metaphor for an attitude towards life that turns limitations, be they tangible or intangible, into personal benefit. This was the central motivation and starting point of this venture: an attempt to introduce a notion of well-being into a positive abstinence on an individual and collective, holistic scale. Directly translated this idiom means, if we do not have so much, we do not have to carry so much. Three real objects, designed as ’tools for thought’, are created of a duality between a real product and a space to reconnect the triumvirate between environment, things and ultimately the identity. For identity ‘jacket-space’ for a moment of stillness, a white abstract volume as ‘obstacle-space’ relating to environment and a backpack, for the most intrinsic things which transforms into a Kraxn when the disassembled ‘obstacle-space’ is mounted to the backpack and the urbanite is ready – to venture into the pathless and ‘live the lightness of not having a lot’.


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