Rucksack #1

Detached from time and locality our RACING ATELIER Rucksack#1 in situ. An undefined companion for everyday – be it in the the mountains or the city. With Rucksack#1 we try to provide a product that is detached from any prescribed use. It appears like a newborn, it will get older and show the effects of its life, of the journey it takes.

With Rucksack#1 we have developed a product from first idea to being able to produce it by hand in our own workshop. Key factors that we tried to cultivate over the last years are a very specific choice of materials, a functional & comfortable fit and being able to manufacture the backpacks ourselves. The bag lives from and wants to highlight functional capabilities of leather as well as our custom hardware. 25 backpacks are now available made to order – find the details here.


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