Backpack Mark#1

– leather: cow-vegetable tanned in Bayerischer Wald

– Dyneema® Composite Fabric 102g/m2 (laminated fibre; woven backside/inside)
– friction lid closure: aluminium hardware (design by Racing Atelier; made in Germany)
– tension locks+stuffer closure: laser-cut+hand finished in-house
– cord lid closure+stuffer: Edelrid Gemini PA 6 cord; 500daN/5mm/waxed/white
– cord functional highlights: Edelrid b-ware repurpose
– shoulder straps: thin 19mm webbing

Our backpacks are handmade & the metal hardware is indvidually developed by us to go with the quality of the Dyneema® Composite Fabric and the vegetable leather we use.

Leather – a ‘forgotten high-tech‘ material with outstanding properties makes for a good fit and a comfortable feeling on the body. We source our leather from a small tannery in southern Germany; the hides from local cows are vegetable tanned only.

Dyneema® Composite Fabric is the perfect partner for leather – being the strongest & lightest fabric available. Our backpacks aim to be durable & a companion for many years.

ready for the mountains: sporty and functional designed from what we have learned in several years of designing backpacks. We offer two back-lenghts for the best possible fit.Please note: the back and shoulder straps of Mark#1 are made from thick, rigid cow hide and will therefore take their time, your sweat and patience to soften up and adopt to your body for a perfect fit – your individual fit.

as we trust our product we don’t have a set of rules for warranty, but as designers we are aware that things can occur. In that case, please get in touch with us, we will look at your backpack and repair it – or find the best possible solution.

RACING ATELIER backpacks are handmade and use natural materials in their construction. This means that scratches, a stitch that is not 100% in line or other small imperfections are part of the product.

Leather is a natural material and can therefore show the life of the animal (scars from barbed wire fence, mosquito bites…) and be part of your backpack.

Available soon – here


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